The hunger free way to a slimmer you: Ten easy shifts to a low carb way of life

How to shift your mindset and tune your body to create a healthier you | taught by Nikola Howard
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Low Carb in the UK

NB: This course is currently in pre-launch phase. What does "pre-launch" mean? All the food shifts are in there, and most of the mindset shifts, but none of the videos as yet. The investment at pre-launch is £29.99 and is for the course lifetime, with all updates I give it. Sign up now, what are you waiting for!? The price will be increasing when all the content is in there.


  • An exclusive to this course "300 Health Mantras" subliminal audio (value: £5.99)
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Have you tried every diet going and then some? Have you found that you diet for a while, only to crash out after a few months, and then put on more weight than you took off? Do you feel self-hate because you cannot stick to a diet? Or even because you cannot seem to achieve the same look as other women in fashion and Women's magazines?

Hi there, I'm Nikola Howard of Low Carb in the UK I and want to set you free from this cycle.

The main reason that diets fail is because of hunger and feeling of deprivation. A diet based around keeping calories low and eating mostly carbohydrates cause hunger, which we are told is a simple matter of willpower to get over.

The medical profession, media and government all tell us that if we don't comply with constant hunger that we are weak-willed and therefore deserve to be fat and unhealthy.

Even when we do comply and feel miserable whilst doing so, when we remain fat whilst eating less and less (especially if we have the body type that is disposed to fat storage), people assumes that we must be "cheating" or "not trying hard enough" - This constant judgment sets up a mentality of "being good" and "being bad" when we are simply responding to what our body is crying out for. This puts us as war with ourselves and produces nothing but anguish and self hatred.

Like you, I tried all the calories restricted diets going and suffered because of them. I discovered low carbohydrate eating in 1999 and discovered why a diet based around fat and protein removes hunger whilst also effortlessly removing body fat. I also discovered the crucial mindset shifts to break the cycle of self-hate.I've dedicated my life to helping everyone else achieve the successes I and countless others have seen with a low carb way of eating and I want to share my discoveries with you.

This is my simple plan for shifting your lifestyle to a low-carb way of eating and your mindset into self love and success.

Money Back Guarantee: I offer a 50 day no questions asked money back guarantee. Simply e-mail me within 50 days of purchase, let me know that you would like a refund and I'll send the money straight back to your card.

Nikola Howard
Nikola Howard

I’m a personal development coach, creative entrepreneur and mentor with a background in technology.

I firmly believe that to be a fully realised and peaceful human, one needs to take care of both body and mind.

The Mind: Slow down, enjoy the moments in life and knit everything you know as “self” together, rather than trying to keep all the various bits of “self” in boxes. Write and create more. Grow things. Live in the now.

The body: I don’t follow conventional wisdom on “healthy exercise and eating”, instead I’m generally “primal” – eat lots of animal food and leafy plant foods, move often at a slow-ish pace with occasional high intensity.

I’m a polymath with the superpower of “connecting the dots” – I’m really good at taking disparate information and forming a gestalt vision from it, allowing you to see the value in what you already have, finding your moment of stillness and from that, helping you figure out where you then want to go.

I also believe that life is made of different facets; art, science, creativity, thought, growth.

Everyone needs balance and sharing freely opens the heart to receiving. The more you give in this world, the more you receive. I find my balance in eating well, caring for orchids, accepting self, dyeing yarn, being kind, learning how to listen to the pace of events, coding websites and being open to change.

I’ve found that opening your heart to art, growth and creativity along with making small changes in mindset leads to big changes in life. I want to help you make these same discoveries.

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